Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Usana products
Usana products
Mention "multilevel marketing" in a crowded room and you are likely to get bombarded by assertions that MLM is a scam. Since the development of the multilevel marketing business model, people have been quick to qualify it as a pyramid scheme or an outright scam. This article will examine those claims.

USANA is, in fact, not a scam. It is a legitimate business operating a legitimate and legal business model. Network marketing is just a form of micro-franchising. Individual entrepreneurs who want to own their own business pay a low cost to get started and in return for their investment they can sell the company's products and have access to marketing and sales support. The potential for return on investment is high. For individuals who sell a lot of product and develop a healthy downline of distributors, an initial investment of a couple hundred dollars can eventually turn into a very large yearly income.

People mistake the business model of USANA as a pyramid scheme or scam for several reasons. They often say, "The people at the top make the most money." Is this not true of every business? Does any CEO make less than the entry-level employee fresh out of college? No. And so it is with network marketing. When you first join, you are not going to make anywhere near the same income as a person who has been working for ten years and has developed a healthy downline. The world simply doesn't work that way.

Other people mistake the company as a scam because they know someone who joined, invested their life savings, and then quit six months later. Anyone who does something like this did not make good business decisions, they did not get scammed. Yes, it's true that in USANA, and any MLM company, mentors are likely to encourage new recruits to purchase inventory or spend a lot on training. But before entering any business opportunity, a person must take stock of their personal finances. They must ask themselves how much they can truly afford to invest. They must also ask themselves how much time they can truly devote to the business. MLM is not a get rich quick scam. It is a true business and it must be worked every single day in order to reap any reward. It can take someone years to make a decent living, but the same can be said of those who open clothing stores or restaurants. Any business takes time and work. Those who enter USANA with visions of making six figures in six months by doing nothing but selling their mother some supplements is going to be sorely disappointed.

The company offers its distributors several ways to earn an income and earn commissions. For those people who are willing to put in the work, the rewards are there. It just takes time, energy and dedication. Those who pour all of their savings into USANA and then sit on the couch and wait for money to fall out of the sky is likely to find themselves broke, bitter, and accusing USANA of being a scam.

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