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Lose Weight with Hypnosis
Lose Weight with Hypnosis
Have you been uncomfortable with your weight? You might find your

situation hopeless and have tried it all-- diet, exercise, pills you name it, but nothing seems to have a long lasting effect. Yes,

I know what you're trying to find, a long lasting effect. Something that won't allow the

flab to come back for like ever! I know the disappointment because I've been there and in my

search I've found the answer that genuinely works-- weight loss hypnosis.

Weight Loss -- 7 Ways to Lose Weight

You might find it hard to believe but you don't

have to be deep in trance in order to profit from

hypnosis. The concepts that I'm going to share with you are easy to do on

your own and they can make wonders in altering your mind

set about food.

1. The answer from within

The basic belief of hypnosis is that you have everything

you need to alter positively and prosper. Obtaining that washboard abs is all about believing in your innate gifts to have it. You don't need any

kind of diet suppressant or the latest fad because

everything that you need is within you.

2. Believe and you will see

Do you realize that people attain what they believe they can attain? Hypnosis is about

positive suggestions which the subject accomplishes to attain the goals he or she sets out to do. This indicates that you have to

believe it to work so that it will work.

Your weight loss program will not work unless you believe it will.

3. Draw attention to the positive

Do you know that being positive or negative about

something is a choice? This indicates that if you want

positive results, you focus on the positive vibes. Dr. Herbert Spiegel, the popular hypnotherapist have this positive mantra, "for my body, too much food is damaging. I need my body to live. I owe my body respect and

protection." Negative mantras like "pizza is not good for

me" only works for a limited time. If you want something that will last, develop your own positive mantra.

4. If you can dream it, it will come

If you dream about victory, it will come. Thinking of the time when you will become a healthy eater is the beginning of becoming one. Is this

too tough to accomplish? Try reviewing an old picture of yourself at the

time when no flabs are present and try to remember what you did differently at that

time. Envision going back to those old routines and you will find yourself doing them.

5. Kick food desire like a bad habit

Symbolic imagery is a routine strategy in weight loss

hypnosis. If the golden arches of McDonald's make you think of food, the opposite of it will make you kick your

desires out. So if you want to get rid of the

desire, think of a pizza floating downstream or

floating in the sky away from you.

6. A couple of methods are better than none

Hypnosis combined with Cognitive-Behavior Therapy is the fastest way to lose weight and keep at it. If you have kept a food diary

before, then you have already learned CBT. Tracking everything that passes

through your lips and raising awareness at what they do to your body will have a long

lasting effect when combined with hypnotic suggestions.

7. Modify to your liking

If you strictly alter you eating pattern, you are bound to failure. The late Milton Erickson, a distinguished hypnosis innovator stressed the idea of

slowly modifying existing patterns. So instead of consuming a pint of ice cream, why not modify it to a cup of

frozen yogurt?

If you think that weight loss hypnosis is tough, think again. The

principles supplied here are basic and

easy to do. All you need is the confidence to get it started. If

you want more information on the best ways to lose weight really fast through hypnosis,

check out the internet site at Here you

can find all the things you need to understand

about the art and science of hypnosis.

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