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What is Melaleuca scam
What is Melaleuca scam
Melaleuca is actually another one of the large marketing companies out there that a lot of people wonder about and whether it is actually a scam. So, is Melaleuca a scam or a legitimate business opportunity? Continue reading to decide for yourself whether or not this firm is for you.


Melaleuca is actually a network marketing and multi level marketing firm, which means to earn money and reach success a person must construct a big downline of customers who also purchase the melaleuca products and promote the business opportunity. As with most other multi level marketing companies, as a way to recruit new people, the representatives will have to conduct hotel or home meetings, product parties or make cold calls to purchased leads. Once one has exhausted their warm market of friends and family, it's going to be hard for the average person to make money and consistently find new people to recruit.


The Wellness company, Melaleuca, was founded in 1985 by Frank Vandersloot. Before he took over the business, Melaleuca have been promoting false claims not supported by the FDA. Vandersloot restructured the compensation plan, making it more favorable for the marketing executives, with consumer direct marketing. Independent representatives became membership enrollment promoters instead of being expected to sell products. With Vandersloot now in charge, Melaleuca has experienced increased growth in sales and has expanded into many countries worldwide.


In the beginning, the business's product line was based mainly on the melaleuca plant extract and has now since moved beyond that initial criteria to include a number of products including nutritional supplements, personal care items, makeup, pharmaceuticals and household cleaners. Melaleuca also describes itself as an earth friendly firm, with lots of its products being organic.

Melaleuca Scam Judgment:

While Melaleuca is not a scam, it may not be for everyone. The kind of business and network marketing can be hard for many to see continued results and success. The business has fantastic products but in case you are buying a business where you will not need to constantly recruit new people to earn money through procedures including parties and presentations or cold calling, then I would suggest continuing your search for a far more automated online system that will provide you with the training you need to be a serious and respected online marketer where people will likely be coming to you and seeking you out through your various online marketing techniques. The right program can help you meet your financial objectives and become a permanent solution for your financial success!

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