Monday, 18 November 2013

crazyfruityhigh: "And just ‘cause the sun shines don’t mean...

"And just ‘cause the sun shines don’t mean...


"And just ‘cause the sun shines don’t mean you’re on my mind" Schwartz 2013

On the surface, this drawing is of me bottoming for my favorite porn star while the people in my head cheer and applaud because it’s been so many years since I got any butt action. On a deeper level, this drawing represents what I learned about being gay before I realized I was gay. As a kid,I would hear that being gay meant you took it in the butt and this idea sounded so weird and foreign to me. I knew straight people fell in love, got married and had kids but gay men were into bizarre sex with no love, no feelings and no commitments.

When i started dating men, it hit me that sex was a very minor part of being gay. There is the companionship, the friendship, the affection and most importantly, meeting someone who you identify with because you shared the same struggles growing up in a world you don’t fit into. Sex is important in a relationship which is why i draw so much about my lack of it and how frustrating and hopeless my situation is. But if butt sex was the only thing I thought about, then I would be single.

I created this drawing as a sarcastic over-exaggeration of what it means to be gay in post-DOMA America. Despite DOMA being struck down, we still have all kinds of politically powerful right wing assholes who spread lies saying that all gay men are sex crazed maniacs who don’t fall in love and live just for pleasure.

The bottom figure is wearing a Reagan mask because  in my lifetime, he was the most destructive in decimating minorities. And by that i mean the poor, the gays and the mentally ill. AIDS exploded like a holocaust under his presidency, Crack spread like wildfire in the inner cities and he shut down mental health facilities. This all occcured while the gap between the rich and the poor increased beyond what anyone thought previously possible.

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